We give you access to global financial markets through professional participants and always leave it to you to choose your terms.
All partners are licensed by the regulators in the jurisdiction corresponding to the provision of the service.
Individual approach to each client allows you to structure financial assets through a CFC or trust, depending on your objectives and recommendations of the legal department.
Our partners provide brokerage services for you and your business for independent trading, as well as professional trust management of your assets in various jurisdictions.
Brokerage service
A licensed broker offers you the opportunity to open a brokerage account to trade on the global markets on your own. The broker is your platform and guide to the world of securities and can provide advice on assets within your risk profile. At the same time, the brokerage company provides you with the possibility of safe custody of assets in international depositories to level out the potential risks of the broker himself. Securities trading can be done through an attachment, a written order or interaction with your manager.
  • A brokerage account is probably the easiest and most comfortable way to trade the stock market on your own.
Asset management
Financial asset management companies are a team of professionals who act in the interests of the investor and carry out transactions in the financial markets. The company is required to have a license from the regulator to carry out financial activities.
Generally, management can be internal - when you have an account with the company that makes the trade, or external - when the company trades from your personal brokerage or bank account.
Security of funds is governed by either segregated accounts (An account that will not carry the risk of broker default) or an individual account with an independent custody location.
  • Under trust management, the team acts in the best interest of the client and within the risk profile of the client, technically the asset manager conducts the transactions. You always have the opportunity to make the transaction yourself - by contacting your manager at the company.
Reliability and safety of funds will always be a priority. The choice of jurisdiction, partner and storage location are important aspects in investments. You should always understand the storage structure of your assets. Segregated accounts and individual accounts are introduced by the regulator to protect the client from potential risks of brokerage and management companies. You always have the opportunity to make your own decisions about trading, shifting your assets to another storage location, changing broker or management company.
Structuring of assets
A legitimate way to keep your assets safe. Typically represented by the use of controlled foreign companies or trust funds. Structuring is used to optimize taxation, legal protection of assets, as well as the inheritance component. Although the procedure is in the field of expertise of lawyers and consultants, you can also use it to actively manage your own assets in the financial markets.
Step by step
Submitting an application and contacting a manager
Advice on partner selection, jurisdiction and interaction
Assistance in preparing all necessary documents
Providing electronic documents for account and contract opening
Confirmation of the source of funds for the compliance procedure
Opening an account and forming an agreement
Help to transfer assets to your account
Full-fledged work with your assets
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